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Modular office buildings

Efficiency and functionality in office spaces

A modular office building in the style of your business

A modular office building is convenient and saves time. 2,000 GLA of A-class office space is completed in 30 days. Your company is growing? Expand the building with additional modules or floors. Are you moving to another place? Take the building with you. QModular modular office buildings - combination of office mobility with premium quality for demanding customers.

Fast and efficient purchase and assembly process

The modular revolution gives you completely new investment opportunities. You will offer premium standard buildings to your clients faster than you may imagine. Unique design, durability for years and endless arrangement possibilities are just a preview of what will delight you.


Up to 60 days


Once you approve the concept, we will prepare the documentation necessary to obtain a building permit. While the administrative procedures are underway, we can begin production so that your building is constructed within 60 days of obtaining the building permit.


From day 1


We transport the building to you, and the installation of the finished building on the project site takes from several hours to a maximum of a few days for multi-story buildings.

Pricing on individual request