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The aim of the project was to develop an innovative modular hotel watercraft. The adopted assumptions are the development of 3 prototypes of floating hotels depending on river conditions. The project is a response to the growing demand for attractive and unusual hotel spaces in city centers. The project was implemented for 24 months from 09.2018 to 08.2020 and covered 4 stages. Industrial research (stages 1 and 2) concerned the development of the design and construction of prototype vessels along with the development of a system of basic functionalities for intelligent building management. It was also planned to develop a low-energy building so that the energy demand was minimal. The challenge was to develop a modular structure that would allow for a low draft of the object and the possibility of multiple assembly and disassembly. Thanks to the above-mentioned functionalities, it will be possible to expand the spectrum of possible locations for hotel units, practically on every river basin, and thus open the hotel market to unprecedented solutions. Stage 3 and 4 concerned the verification of the developed construction technology during tests in real conditions. These stages allowed for the improvement of the prototypes and the final confirmation of obtaining the adopted design assumptions. The results of the research are the basis for using the results in the own business of the WOTEL company. The newly developed structures, which are an innovation on at least a national scale, have been included in the Applicant's offer and will be manufactured in Poland. Thanks to the implementation of the project, the Applicant has become a precursor on the market of vessels in the low-energy model. The target group of the project are investors interested in investing in hotel services in attractive locations in city centers and individual customers who will use the votels produced and operated by the company after the project is completed. Amount of eligible costs: 16,046,068.73 Co-financing amount: 12 655 124.44 Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020 Priority axis Support for conducting R&D works by enterprises Measure R&D projects of enterprises Sub-measure Industrial research and development works carried out by enterprises.

The project consists in the development of an innovative, modular building with its foundation. The modernized technology of producing a new product is based on the production of single, fully-finished modules in the factory. The most important aspect of modularity is mobility, which enables the transport and construction of buildings anywhere around the world, and, if necessary, non-invasive demolition and relocation. Stage 1 and 2 concern industrial research - development of a modular structure and foundation. Stage 3 is the testing of the constructed prototypes in real conditions. Newly developed constructions constitute innovation on a global scale and will be included in the Applicant's product offer. Thanks to the implementation of the project, the Applicant will become a precursor on the market of mobile and quick-to-assemble buildings with a wide range of functionalities. The target group is: authorities of countries in crisis, investors interested in building a hotel, municipalities, city boards. Amount of eligible costs: 15,729,758.75 Co-financing amount: 12 342 907.00 Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020 Priority axis Support for conducting R&D works by enterprises Measure R&D projects of enterprises Sub-measure Industrial research and development works carried out by enterprises Measure R&D projects of enterprises.

Project of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland
The company Wotel Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. took part in the project of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, co-financed by European Funds entitled "Intellectual property in your company". The aim of the project is to shape practical skills of entrepreneurs in the use of intellectual property protection, including industrial property, and the possibility of benefiting from this protection. The result of the project is to obtain practical knowledge on how to protect the intellectual property of the company and how to benefit from the protection of intellectual property in order to increase the company's competitiveness. Gross cost of the service covered by the grant: PLN 2,644.50. Total amount of the grant received from the EU: PLN 1,935.00.


Experienced specialists

Marcin Kukułka Marcin Kukułka
Marcin Kukułka

Marcin has always associated his professional experience with water. Over time, he has merged this passion with the construction industry, initiating the creation of the Wotel company - a European pioneer in the innovative production of contemporary modular buildings on water. He became an experienced manager in the Silesia area at M3 System - a company specializing in innovative projects and construction of finished residential and service buildings. At QModular, he oversees the Grants, Marketing, Sales, Legal, Accounting and Administration departments.

Marcin Pacura Marcin Pacura
Marcin Pacura

Marcin is passionate about management and modern construction technologies. As a co-owner of the M3 System, Wotel and QMODULAR brands, he leverages experience from a career in the construction industry, with a focus on production management. He is a pioneer within the Polish market in the field of design and application of modern construction technology with M3 System. Marcin’s professional experience includes that of a researcher, implementer, and marketer. He designed and developed hundreds of single-family houses in Poland, Ireland and Portugal. He is also the co-author and co-constructor of the Museum of the Crown of the Earth in Zawoja, along with the first house on the water in Poland - in Warsaw.

Andrzej Kukułka Andrzej Kukułka
Andrzej Kukułka
Chief Sales Officer

Graduate of the Cracow University of Economics, with a master's degree in economics in Marketing and Market Communication. He has many years of experience in setting up international sales and distribution networks, as well as marketing strategies, which he gained, among others, in the UK at a manufacturer of alternative fuels and biomass. He swims, sails and actively participates in regattas on his own catamaran. In winter, he spends every free moment on the ski slopes.

Paweł Kukułka Paweł Kukułka
Paweł Kukułka
Director of Investment Execution Department

Paweł has many years of experience as a production director and construction engineer. He is responsible for controlling the proper and timely execution of development, coordinating the work of the team, preparing reports, and managing equipment, materials, and overseeing health and safety. He has developed office buildings, supermarkets, production halls, restaurants, houses and hotels on the water. Paweł earned a master's degree in land and water engineering from the Cracow University of Technology. He stays up to date with modular construction, newtechnologies, astrophysics and astronomy.

Marek Piórkowski Marek Piórkowski
Marek Piórkowski
Development Director

Passionate about motorsports, especially Formula One, he began his professional career more than 20 years ago managing B2B and B2C sales. He has held positions such as Key Account Manager, Area Sales Manager, Strategic Business Manager and Sales Director. He has extensive experience in introducing new brands to the Polish market. Business trainer, providing professional consulting to companies and institutions in the field of management and development and EU grants, along with coordinating projects.

Piotr Kęsek Piotr Kęsek
Piotr Kęsek
Director of the Engineering and Design Department

Piotr is a graduate of the Cracow University of Technology, with 1st and 2nd degree studies at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning. He has ten years of experience in designing a full spectrum of residential and commercial buildings, including residential complexes up to 12,000m2 of usable floor space, single-family houses, warehouses and hotel facilities in well-known Polish resorts. As part of his work at QMODULAR, he is the author of the development of modular construction technology and its adaptation to the floating hotel design. He has completed projects such as a floating restaurant and a floating hotel with a flat roof.

Szymon Tatara Szymon Tatara
Szymon Tatara
Production Director

Szymon has many years of experience in preparing, conducting and supervising the construction process, as a construction engineer, site manager and investor supervision inspector. He has a degree in construction, crowned with an engineering diploma, which he obtained at the Cracow University of Technology. He has completed a number of residential buildings, industrial buildings, a medical clinic and a car wash workshop. In his spare time, he restores old school cars.

Maria Gach Maria Gach
Maria Gach
Director of the Logistics and Purchasing Department

Maria graduated from the Cracow University of Economics with a degree in Commodity Science, specialisation: Product Manager, and a Master's degree in Logistics Management. Maria has knowledge and several years of experience in managing logistics processes in a company in the Automotive industry (purchasing, transport, warehousing, planning, customer service, sales). She started her experience in the logistics department by working as a Purchasing Specialist, then as a Production Planner, and then as a Manager and Director of the Logistics Department.


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