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Modular buildings

Advantages of modular construction





Our standard of excellence provides you with premium quality. We use modular technology, which is the most advanced method of construction for 5 star hotels, luxury residences and modern apartment buildings. Modular technology surpasses traditional methods of erecting buildings in every aspect, including the quality of materials used, their properties and the precision of finishings. Our buildings undergo a thorough 7-stage inspection process, during which we check over 100 elements. 95% of your investment is made in our automated factory to maximize quality control.



5 days: single-family home
21 days: multi-storey apartment building


While other development projects are having their walls erected, you are already welcoming guests to your investment. A modular building is created 70% faster than using traditional methods, and the construction is independent of the weather.



Cost certainty


We improve the process of building real estate, to provide you with comfort and peace of mind. Once you order our modular building, we take care of the rest with our established production method. At the time of signing your contract, you know the exact development schedule and the precise moment when your building will be available for use. Given the investment’s factory production, you have full control over the investment budget, with cost certainty regardless of market changes.



Yearly heating cost for a 100 sq m house is approximately €450.


We pass along the benefits of our cost efficiencies to you. The total cost of implementing modular facilities is up to 15% lower than those built traditionally. Each phase of your investment can be implemented without external financing. Subsequent buildings can be ordered gradually, once the future owner pays for them and without maintaining an unfinished construction site. This transaction formula minimizes investment risk and allows for a more precise determination of investment returns.



We have the capacity to build 25.000 sq m per year


Your order is produced by sophisticated machinery in our automated, state-of-the-art production facility designed specifically to produce modular buildings. Every phase of production is under the scrutiny and dedicated oversight of a targeted team of expert engineers. With the capacity to execute large orders efficiently, the turnaround time for your project is minimized: our plant completes 20 modules a day, which is equivalent to an 8-storey building being constructed from scratch in 21 days. Such production capacity allows us to build a 30- house estate (over 100 m2 each) and deliver each home in premium shell and core state in less than 70 days.



Quiet and eco-friendly construction


Our techniques are deployed to optimize environmental resources. Our breakthrough technology provides optionality to move your building to another place, re-purpose its use, and/or adjust its size; 98% of our structures are reusable. Photovoltaics and recuperation systems combined with the appropriate technology used to build walls and roofs make our modular buildings extremely energy-efficient structures.

A modular revolution in the hotel industry

You receive from us the quality and design that your guests will love. Modular investment commissioned up to 70% faster, in 5 ***** standard. Modular multi-storey buildings in city centers and resorts of luxurious, all year round houses. Order today and you can receive your first guests in 30 days.

A modular office building in the style of your business

A modular office building is convenient and saves time. 2,000 GLA of A-class office space is completed in 30 days. Your company is growing? Expand the building with additional modules or floors. Are you moving to another place? Take the building with you. QModular modular office buildings - combination of office mobility with premium quality for demanding customers.

A fast and efficient process for the purchase and installation of an on-water facility Water is an element we control

The construction challenge of a all-year-round, stable modular building on water has been successfully developed many times over. Only to be able to build it for you now. When others talk about buildings on water - we actually build them.

Modular hotel for your employees - economical, high-quality accommodation

Ready to move in, finished modular micro-apartments designed for medium and long-term rental. Up to 6 micro-apartments in the module. Are you looking for a facility for your employees? We have a solution - our employee hotels - high quality, instant execution and good price.

Modular student houses - economical, high-quality accommodation

Ready to move in, finished modular micro-apartments designed for medium and long - term rental. Up to 6 micro-apartments in the module. Private modular student houses in a modern version and good quality, implemented quickly and at a great price.

Modular housing estates and apartment buildings - a breakthrough solution for real - estate developers

Energy - efficient housing estates, modular terraced houses and apartment buildings. Up to 8 floors in 45 days. Ready-for-sale modular buildings in a premium developer condition, with all installations, recuperation and heat pump with air conditioning. Try modular technology and you will never go back to traditional solutions in construction again.

Modular single-family houses and social modular multi-family buildings

Our solution? Build in modular way! The best possible price-quality ratio, rapid construction, the possibility of expanding the building with another module or moving it to another location, depending on the needs. A ready-made flat for a start or year-round, energy-saving accommodation for those in need.

Your new, finished home is closer than you may imagine

Choose from our modular house designs from 20 to 152 m2. We can build your home in our automated factory in up to 5 days. Check how quickly you can live in your new modular home.

Minimum formalities - put up a modular house or an estate of modular houses on application.

Rapid on-site production and assembly in just a few hours. Functional space for up to 6 people. A modular house with a footprint of up to 35 m² has up to 47 m² of usable space with a comfortable, high mezzanine. Two bedrooms and a living room with a kitchenette. Check how much can fit in such a small area!

commercial, service and catering buildings

discover commercial, service and catering buildings
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Showroom, restaurant, shop, showroom or bar - in modular technology for you

Fully mobile modular buildings with all installations. Ready to move in facilities, with many possibilities of adaptation and expansion if necessary. Do you have an idea for a business? We will take care of a unique space for its implementation. Modular service premises, a shop or a restaurant, which we will design in the smallest details.


Approximate transportation costs
for 3 types of modular buildings:

97 meters house icon
Modular house 97 sq m
Single-family house (35 meters) icon
Modular single-family house up to 35 sq m

Map of transport paths in Europe Map of transport paths in Europe Map of transport paths in Europe
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